Fifth Week in Review – Back To Our Familiar Surroundings

This week took us on a short loop from Phoenix back to Phoenix via Prescott, Flagstaff (2 hours from Phoenix), Cottonwood, and Prescott again.  We spent much of the week with Jay’s grandmother Millie and her significant other, Ken.  We also spent two nights in Flagstaff hosted by Sharon’s former colleague, Wenda and her four dogs.

Jay makes a new friend, Shellie, at Wenda's

Hours volunteered: 11 hours (combined) at the Viola Awards for Flagstaff Cultural Partners

States:   Arizona

Budget: under

People Visited: Millie Randel (Jay’s grandmother), Ken Brack, Wenda Meyer, Kathy Farretta, Shannon Benjamin, Belinda Donahue, Cathy Tomasi, LinMarie DiCianni, Rick Brazil

Nights under the stars: 0

Best meal: Hiro’s Sushi

Best beer: Lumberyard Red Ale

That's how they roll in Cottonwood, AZ


4 responses to “Fifth Week in Review – Back To Our Familiar Surroundings

  1. Rock on guys! Rainy and wet here, typical Virginia March weather.

    Travis just became a dad at 8:11 pm EST! Chloe was born healthy and beautiful. Stay safe, happy trails you two

  2. Good to hear from ya Ken. Wow big news on the Travis front.

  3. Did you guys partake in the boxed wine tasting? You will have to let me know how that was.

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