Fourth Week in Review – 1 Month On the Road!

This week Sharon returned from LA and got sick, wiping her out for most of the week.  Luckily we were staying at Jay’s parents for the week and had a chance to rest and recharge.  Jay also got a few chances to mountain bike on his favorite trails.

Hours volunteered: 3 hours at the Garden of Tomorrow (Sharon, with Jay’s mom), 6 hours (combined) at the Red Balloon Picnic for the Wellness Community

Laya with a bubble on her head

Our darling niece Laya sporting a bubble that she's unaware of

States:   Arizona

Budget: under!

People Visited: Jay’s Family, Steve Hendricks, Brittany Boroian

Nights under the stars: 0 – the tent just aired out in Jay’s parents backyard

Best meal: – Jay – pizza night at the Holt house, Sharon – dinner at True Food Kitchen (a locally famous Scottsdale restaurant inspired by Dr. Weil).

Best beer: Big Sky Cowboy Coffee Porter


5 responses to “Fourth Week in Review – 1 Month On the Road!

  1. Glad it’s going well so far! I love seeing the pictures and hearing your stories. Hope you’re feeling better and that month 2 brings many more great opportunities to you and Jay!

  2. brittanygoesglobal


  3. Sandy G Friedli

    Enjoy reading about your adventures! So glad you were able to spend time in Phoenix. Wish you could come here to Nebraska this next year. Love ya, SANDY

    • Thanks Sandy!

      Good to hear from you. We have tenative plans to be in/ near Nebraska in june. Of course we will visit if we are any where near the area.


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