My 10 Favorite Free IPAD Apps

Last month I won an IPAD through the HandsOn Network Get HandsOn Campaign. I was entered to win by committing to complete a service project using one of their Project Playbooks.  I pledged to host a food drive and have since contacted the Northern Arizona Food Bank with the hopes of completing the food drive in March.

The IPAD arrived this past week in Phoenix where we are staying with Jay’s parents.  Since it arrived I have been tooling around on it constantly.


Sharon and her IPAD
Showing off my new IPAD

My 10 Favorite FREE Apps So Far Are:

1. Flipboard – This app has the most beautiful and intuitive user interface.  It acts as a digital customized magazine where you can choose which news / photos are shown on the screen.  You can look at up to 9 different feeds at once, quickly getting up to date on the latest news and images from your favorite social media sites.  I have added GOOD magazine and TED Talks.

2. ABC Player – Having never owned a TV, I have gotten used to watching my favorite shows (like Castle and Greys Anatomy) on digital devices.  ABC makes it free and easy to stream their shows and watch them on the IPAD.  Since the IPAD has great screen definition and good sound quality, it makes an excellent viewer.  I hope that other channels will follow their lead.

3. Google Books – The google books app is perfect for me because A) I’m cheap, B) I enjoy reading C) I haven’t read most of the classics.  Google books has a huge selection of free ebooks, most of which are classics like Walden, Alice in Wonderland, & Pride and Prejudice.  I look forward to catching up on some great literary works.

4. The Weather Channel Max – This app shows the greatest improvement over its IPOD version.  The IPAD app allows you to look at the 10 day forecast in a visually appealing and easy to use way.  You can also see the actual radar map or even check out what all the forecasters are tweeting about (not sure how often I’ll use that).  More useful — you can get notifications if there are storm watches for the city that you have it set to.

5. Adobe Ideas – Before I left Volunteer Arlington, I was just getting into the Adobe Creative Suite.  This is a very basic app provided by Adobe that allows you to draw.  I am interested to see how it may work with other Adobe products.

6. Epicurious – Although I haven’t had a chance yet to actually make any recipes from this cooking app, I am just enthralled by the beautiful food images and basic layout.

7. PS Express – For anyone that uses Photoshop, this basic app is a nice choice for a free photo editing tool.

8. NPR – NPR is a leader in embracing new technology and delivering great content.  Their app, which came out soon after the IPAD’s arrival in the marketplace, is both beautiful and functional.  I found the IPOD version to have some glitches, but so far the IPAD version has worked seamlessly.

9. Echofon – I used the IPOD version of this app to manage my twitter account.  The IPAD version is basically the same but easier to use because of the size.  They provide a simple interface to read tweets, write, retweet, search for users, etc.

10.  Pocket Pond – I first played with Pocket Pond on my cousin Amy’s IPAD.  I think every IPAD owner must have this app and it is all I can do not to show it to my 2 year old niece who I know would then covet the IPAD and destroy it.

Do you have an IPAD?  If so, what apps do you recommend?

What IPAD apps, if created, do you think would do the most for the service movement?


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