First week in review

Hours volunteered: 40.5 (combined)

States:  5

Budget: under

People Visited: Zoe & Stan Parrish, Kathy & Don Albert, Jess Mackow & Paul Pelletier, Brett Goodwin, Zach Brown, Jesse Salinas, Charon Gaskins, Mike Nealis

Nights under the stars: 2

Best meal: dinner at Mrs. Albert’s

Best beer:  5 Seasons espresso milk stout, Atlanta, GA


2 responses to “First week in review

  1. Dear Sharon and Jay,
    I so enjoy reading the weekly digest of your Service Driven year; also, I trust you’ll be turning your blog into a book? Right? Go for it! You have all that it takes to create a bestseller in the servant leadership field!

    I hope to connect with you when you pass through Arizona. I’m glad and surprised the weirdest winter weather on record for much of the nation hasn’t stopped you in your tracks.

    as ever your friend,

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