I won $2,500 and an IPAD!

Last week through HandsOn Network’s Follow the Leader Initiative, I won an IPAD and a $2,500 donation to a charity of my choice.  What did I do to win?  I committed to completing a service project (a food drive) and journaled about service on their website.  More specifically, I repurposed what I have been writing here, sharing the post about Nora’s 25 year anniversary of her bone marrow transplant.  Since that post was the key to winning, I decided to donate the money to the charity that she cares most about, Special Love Inc.

Special Love is a non profit that manages Camp Fantastic, a camp for kids with cancer in Front Royal, VA.  Nora volunteers there as a camp counselor in the summers.  As a childhood cancer survivor, she offers hope and support to the kids and in return they bring her immense joy.  The Camp is one of the highlights of her year and just through her experience I know that they are a phenomenal organization, very worthy of $2,500.

Nora and her video class at Camp Fantastic last year (from Camp Fantastic Flickr photostream)


4 responses to “I won $2,500 and an IPAD!

  1. Sharon, hey,

    Congratz to both you and Nora; I see beauty inside and out, along with passion and courage, run in your family!

    Enjoy the iPad; seems a perfect traveling gift.

    Looking forward to next week’s digest,

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