Service Driven Has Begun!

Tuesday at 6 pm, after a week of long days of cleaning and packing, we crammed every last bag in the car, kissed my parents good bye and pulled out of the driveway.

Pulling out of the driveway of our old house

I was glad we only needed to go two blocks before our first stop: the gas station.  With the car fully loaded, we have no view out of the rear view mirror and it took a little adjustment to get used to driving that way.

Fueling up right away

Last week was exhausting.  You never realize how much stuff you have accumulated until you have to sort through it piece by piece.  Since we are not planning to move back to Virginia, we were downsizing as much as possible.  We took about four car loads to the thrift store, sold furniture on craigslist, stored several car loads worth of belongings at my parent’s house, gave more away to family and friends, and still ended up with several bags of trash.

I was originally convinced we would only have two trash cans worth..

After getting lost in Richmond, we finally made it to Zoe’s house around 9 pm.  Just in time for an early bed time so that we could wake up at 5:50 am for volunteering at the elementary school.

More on that in the next post…


One response to “Service Driven Has Begun!

  1. So you settled on the Dean and the 9er I see.

    Have fun guys, hope you have a great trip!

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