FOR SALE: Downsizing & Raising Some Gas $$

It’s getting serious now…  this is Jay’s and my last week of work.  We are set to move out of our house by the end of the month.  We are making calls this week to resolve issues with insurance and try to take care of paperwork and taxes.  Not very glamorous, and a lot of work.

In order to move out, we need to sell or donate most of what we own.  Below are some pieces we are hoping to sell.  These are posted on Craigslist as well.  Please let us know if you or someone you know would like to purchase any of these items.  Any money we manage to earn through selling our stuff is going straight towards gas money for the trip.

digital camera

Canon Powershot S1 SI, Digital Camera with Optical Zoom for Sale, $50


IPOD Nano with Case, Charger & Headphones for Sale, $40

side tables
Matching side tables for sale, $40 for the set
Ikea Bed

Ikea Bed for Sale, $175


Mirror for Sale, $40

plastic crates on wheels

Plastic Stacking Crates on Wheels for Sale, $5.00 for pair

Couch for Sale, $150
Microwave for Sale – $15

I also have the following books for sale:

Communities of Practice: Critical Perspectives (2007).  New, paperback.  $25 (>50% off)
Catalytic Conversations: Organizational Communication and Innovation by Ann C. Baker (2010).  New, hardcover, some underlining.  $25 (35% off).
Managing Organizational Change: A Multiple Perspectives Approach. Second Edition.  Ian Palmer, et al.  (2009).  Used, paperback, some underlining.  $25 (more than 80% off)
Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization, 2nd Edition.  David Coghlan & Teresa Brannick.  (2005).  New, paperback, clean.  $10 (75% off).
Wikipatterns.  Stewart Mader.  (2008).  New, paperback, clean.  $10 (65% off).
The Hidden Power of Social Networks. Rob Cross & Andrew Parker.  (2004).  New, hardcover, lots of underlining.  $15 (>50% off).

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