Commitment to Stay Healthy on the Road

I do well with routine.  For those who know the “True Colors” Personality profile, I am a Gold/Green and I find that making specific goals and sticking to a regular schedule are the best way for me to stay healthy and organized.  Last year, I committed to creating healthy habits around eating.  I used the free Lose It! App on the IPOD touch to record every single thing that I ate and to track my calories.  In addition, I used the Wii Fit to check in everyday and track my progress with weight and BMI.  Finally, I focused on cooking more and integrating more vegetables into my diet.

With these three strategies, I was able to move from the edge of obesity to the edge of normalcy, 32 pounds of weight loss.

Roast Chicken

Last year my go to healthy recipe was this Roast Chicken, which won't be possible on the road

For 2011, a regular schedule is out of the question.  We are going to be on the road all year and living in a variety of different circumstances.   I am concerned about keeping the healthy habits that I learned last year, while also building new ones (such as brushing and flossing after every meal).

The challenge:

  • A much tighter food budget (one of last year’s strategies was to splurge on great food that was also healthy so that I would be encouraged to eat healthy food at home)
  • No scale, Wii Fit, or group fitness classes
  • a lack of routine or even sense of time that will make it challenging to do something at the same time every day
  • limited health insurance coverage  — It will be more important than ever to stay healthy, because any trips to the doctor are going to be far more expensive

Strategies for staying healthy on the road:

  • Find healthy recipes that can be made on our camping stove or without cooking
  • Continue to record my food in the Lose It! app
  • Use a measuring tape to take a waist measurement everyday and record it using my IPOD touch
  • Start each morning with a routine that is flexible enough to be possible anywhere (stretching, healthy breakfast, brushing & flossing, journaling)

Do you have a healthy recipe or suggestion you can recommend?


2 responses to “Commitment to Stay Healthy on the Road

  1. Hmm, maybe tell the people you’ll be staying with that you are interested in this, to sway their choices in what/if they cook for you to more healthy ones? And if they have free guests at their gym or something, you can do that for a bit? It’s still hard without a routine… I love the website because it has some neat options for trying different yoga routines, then when you find one you really like you can buy it and have a pdf of the different poses as well as an audio voice talking you through it – after a few sessions, all you need is the audio on an ipod!
    More than healthy recipes, the challenge might be keeping healthy food in mind. It’s easy to forget that hummus and pita exists when all you see is french fries and gross unripe fruit salads advertised at fast food joints all the time! I would google ‘healthy snacks’ and keep a list on you of some of your favorites, for those weak moments in the grocery store when nothing sounds good except that big tray of fudge. I’ve done popcorn on a campstove before. And maybe bring some little tupperware containers with you, and every person you stay with, you could ask to steal a little of whatever sauces or salad dressings sound good in the fridge, for a lot of variety of things to dip fresh vegies into as you drive.

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