My Sponsors, continued

Cindi and Morgan

Jay's parents, Cindi and Morgan

Jay’s parents, Cindi and Morgan, are like 2nd parents to me and have been amazingly supportive of all of our endeavors.    You may have seen Morgan on this blog before as he accompanied me to the Community Garden in Phoenix over the Thanksgiving weekend.  We look forward to spending a lot more time with Jay’s parents throughout the Service Driven adventure as we use Phoenix as a home base.

Uncle Nathan and Aunt Mariel

Uncle Nathan and Aunt Mariel

Uncle Nathan and Aunt Mariel were kind enough to give us a donation in the form of a Visa Gift Card which allowed us to use part of it for the Sponsorship and then part of it in getting camping supplies for our road trip.  Nathan and Mariel recently got married and we were so excited to welcome Nathan into the family officially.  We will miss living so close to them.


Terri, an old picture of us

Terri and I have been friends since I was born.  Seriously.  She was born 3 days before me and our parents brought us together as babies.  We have followed similar paths, doing Girl Scouts together, going to college at a close by state school and then returning to the DC metro area and pursuing grad school.  Terri and Phil recently got engaged, which is an exciting reason for us to circle back to Virginia in August.

my cousin Karl and his daughter Samantha (Amy not pictured)

My cousin Amy and her husband Karl were also generous in giving us a Visa Gift card which we were then able to us towards both the StartingBloc sponsorship and supplies for our trip.  Amy, who worked in publishing, was also one of the first subscribers to the blog and has been helpful in advice on writing and publishing.  We will miss seeing our east coast relatives while we are travelling primarily in the West, and will particularly miss seeing Samantha as often, as she is growing and changing every day.


And last but certainly not least is my friend, Carolyn Ha, for which I do not have a recent picture because I have not seen her very much since High School.  Carolyn was one of my best friends at TJ.  We used to talk about getting into TJ on the “ditz quota” as we skipped through the halls and gave out gold stars for good fashion.  She went on to be a Pharmacist and had clearly been just going along for the fun on my joke about the ditz quota.  Carolyn is one of those great responsible, smart, and determined young people that are going to be the leaders of my generation.


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