Looking For A Home for Elsa the Cat

As we prepare to leave in February with have a few major outstanding issues to resolve.  One of which, is who can watch our cat, Elsa, while we are on the trip (which has an indefinite end date).

Are you a cat person?

Would you like to borrow a cat for a year?

If you or someone you know can help us, please contact us through the form below:


Read on for details about Elsa:
Elsa is a very special cat and we are hoping to find a good match between her personality and her caretaker.
Elsa was born in summer 2004 in Harrisonburg VA.  She was originally owned by my roommate Maddie German who got her from a shelter at 4 weeks old.  I took over her care in June 2005.
Elsa is most known for being beautiful.  Her long fur is very soft and she does not shed very often.  She does need to be brushed, less so when she hasn’t been outside as much.
Elsa is up-to-date on all of her vaccines and shots (she goes to Feline Vet Clinic in Falls Church).  Overall she has been quite healthy.  She has had a few accidents (including getting a stick lodged in her face) from being outside.  She also had some issues with acne, which have been resolved by only putting her food in glass or ceramic bowls (no plastic).  She is and has always been a healthy weight.
Elsa and snowElsa examining the snow during last year’s storm 

She is an indoor-outdoor cat, though she stays inside for most of the winter.  She HATES wind and rain but likes snow.
We believe that she is a mix between Siamese and Ragdoll Cat.  She has Siamese coloring and personality, but she is long haired and likes to lay around on the floor like a ragdoll cat.  She is also talkative like a Siamese.  She is cross-eyed and relies on her sense of smell to familiarize herself with new people before she gets petted.  She is curious and playful, getting into bags and boxes and chasing the laser pointer even as an adult cat.

Elsa is a floor cat that loves to lay like this but hates her belly rubbed

Elsa is not good with small children or other cats but has lived with dogs and seemed to do well with dogs (she has lived with four different breeds).
She likes to cuddle and be petted but only after she has gotten to know you.  She hates to be petted on her stomach or held upside down like a baby.  She loves being petted around her head and at the base of her tail.
She eats exclusively hairball control dry cat food.  We occasionally give her a dry cat treat as well.  We just fill her food bowl throughout the day as it gets empty.  She does not overeat.  She is litter box trained.   We will provide a large supply of food and litter in addition to all of her toys, brushes, cat house, etc.
elsa in the sink
She loves to be in whatever room you are in and you have to be careful because she will walk in and out of your legs which gives her the nickname “Tripping Hazard”.  We have given her several nicknames including “weasel” and “door” (we call her door when she climbs between our face and a book or between us and the computer).  She gets jealous of the computer and other things that take attention away from her.  She loves to come and lay down between Jay and I, making sure that she is in contact with both of us.
As you can probably tell by this long detailed overview, we love Elsa very much and are sad to be leaving her for a year.  She has really become part of our family.  My parents, who live in Fairfax, are willing to cat sit her if you are travelling.  They are retired and planning several long trips of their own, so they do not wish to be the primary caregiver for her but could help out as necessary.
Please help us find a good home for Elsa to stay in while we are travelling.  Thank you!

2 responses to “Looking For A Home for Elsa the Cat

  1. Aww, she sounds like a sweetheart. Unfortunately, we already have 2 cats & the added stress of moving & more Kitties might be overload for everyone. But I will ask around to friends…hopefully find someone by Feb.

    • Thanks Rosemary. Elsa is definitely better with other dogs rather than other cats. Thank you for asking around, we really want to find her a good home.


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