3 Days Left To Raise $125 in Sponsorship Funds

I am counting on you to help me get to StartingBloc, a Social Innovation Institute for young leaders, this February.


If you prefer to donate in a different way, please contact me at servicedrivenus@gmail.com.

I need to raise $125 in the next 3 days in order to cover the costs of attending this young leader training program.  With your support, I will get access to a transformative experience and a network of social entrepreneurs, socially minded corporations, and supportive Universities.

Thank you to my parents and Jay’s parents for your sponsorship!

Perhaps you want to sponsor me:

  • in honor of my birthday next week!  $27 to celebrate 27 years!
  • to support our volunteer efforts!  For every $10 donation, I will volunteer 1 hour in your name (a $20 value).
  • to congratulate me on completing a Masters Degree this month!  How about $15 — one dollar for each month I was in school.
  • to have a chance to read all about the StartingBloc experience right here on this blog.  Wondering what kind of young people are interested in social innovation?  Want to learn about social entrepreneurship?  I promise to share pictures, video, and stories next February during and after the program.

To read more about StartingBloc and the Social Innovation Institute in February 2011 — check out this post from November, StartingBloc – Kicking Off Service Driven.

Please note that if you donate through the StartingBloc Sponsorship Page, I will see the donation, but will not know who it is from for another week or so.  I will thank you personally as soon as I know.


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