VIDEO: Grad School is Over!

For your viewing enjoyment — All done with school and ready to move on to the next adventure!


4 responses to “VIDEO: Grad School is Over!

  1. Sharon,
    Really fun video and congrats on finishing. What is your degree in?
    Best of luck on your road trip.

    • Thanks! I have a Masters of Science in Organizational Development and Knowledge Management from George Mason University’s School of Public Policy. It doesn’t fit on the slides very well….

      Thanks for the good wishes! We will be out in Flagstaff by April at the latest and I would love to see you and even volunteer at Sun Sounds if that’s possible!


  2. I did the same thing when I finished finals…though without all the making a video stuff.

    • Ha! Yea, I actually started the dancing before deciding to make a video out of it. So the video is actually the 2nd time dancing to the song and is a bit less authentic. You’ll have to think up something great to do when you finish school!


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