The Travel side of Travel + Volunteering: Phoenix

As my last post focused on the volunteer project that Jay’s dad Morgan and I took part on last Saturday, I also wanted to highlight our actual visit to Phoenix.  Since we were there for the Thanksgiving Day holiday, we mostly focused on spending lots of time with family.  Including of course, our darling niece, Laya.

Our niece, Laya

Jay and his brother Nate have an annual tradition of riding in the Flight of the Pigs ride.  This consists of about 100 riders riding a huge loop around Phoenix hitting almost all of the rugged singletrack that you can cover in one day.  They ride the day after Thanksgiving, starting around 6 am and finishing after dark.

Here’s a great 7 minute video from last year that sums up over 13 hours.  (Jay and his brother Nate are leading the pack at 6:12)

The rest of us went for a short hike in the desert to see the guys ride by.

The whole Holt family on Trail 100

Sunday, we went out in the evening to watch the Jester’z Improv Comedy troupe.  It was a great diversion from leftovers and football and was decently affordable at $12 a ticket.

Monday, before heading home we went to lunch at our favorite family-friendly Mexican restaurant, Valle Luna.  You just can’t get great mexican food like that in northern Virginia, and certainly not at that reasonable of a price.


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